Workshop Prices

JuniorSTEM Robot

Workshop Prices

Full day workshop: £320

Morning workshop (3 hours approx): £220

Afternoon workshop (2 hours approx): £160

3 Sessions in a day

(Up To 96 Children) AM: 2 x 90mins         PM: Normal afternoon session:      £320


3 sessions of roughly 1hr 45mins each over the full day :          £320

4 Sessions in a day

4 x 90 mins (Up to 128 Children):        £320

* Only certain workshops can be run in 90 mins. Some break or lunch time may be needed.

Regular Curriculum provision

Series of booked sessions: PLEASE ENQUIRE



Travel Costs

Travel charged at 35p per mile for total return journey from Bolton or Leeds.

Please contact me if your school is a long way from Bolton/Leeds as I may be able to organise bookings in your area to help reduce travel costs.

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