Lego Robotics Workshops

KS1 & KS2 Robotics using the brilliant Lego WeDo resources
JuniorSTEM Robot
JuniorSTEM Lego WeDo Workshops
JuniorSTEM Lego WeDo Workshops
JuniorSTEM science workshop

Teach your children Robotics

Book JuniorSTEM – Lego Robotics workshops for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.


Build fantastic Lego WeDo models then learn to program sensors, motors and lights to bring them to life.


Highly engaging, packed full of learning and lots of fun.

“What a fun exciting day we’ve had! My year 6 class stayed focussed and engaged all day. Nick has a fabulous manner with the class and has covered so many ICT skills today in such an exciting and practical way. We shall definitely book again!”

“This has been by far the most professional workshop I have had the pleasure of booking!”

“If I was to recommend Mr Hawken, I would give him a million out of million.”

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Book a JuniorSTEM Workshop

JuniorSTEM can provide:

    • KS1 & KS2 Lego robotics, programming and engineering workshops​
    • alternative to supply cover
    • series of lessons based on the new NC requirements for ICT & DT
    • extra curricular after school Lego Robotics workshops
    • INSET / CPD training

Why use JuniorSTEM?

    • Hands on programming using Lego WeDo 2.0 software
    • Cost effective programming & STEM
    • Experienced qualified primary teacher
    • High levels of pupil participation and engagement
    • Cross curricular application of skills
    • ALL equipment supplied (including laptops)
    • Delivered in a classroom
    • Creative activities
    • And most importantly – kids love it!
Lego Robotics STEM workshop

A Lego robotics workshop by JuniorSTEM is a fun and exciting way to learn programming and engineering. All the activities are hands on, highly engaging and allow children to be creative. They are encouraged to play, experiment and try things out within a structured and organised learning environment. It’s great fun and packed full of learning.

Check out our reviews, we are very proud of them.

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