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Many schools are following computing schemes that recommend Lego WeDo but do not have the funds to buy the equipment and training to deliver the lessons effectively.

By using JuniorSTEM, schools can offer their pupils exciting STEM activities without the financial outlay, storage, maintenance and training that this expensive resource requires.

In addition, the sessions will be led by an experienced and qualified teacher who has specialised in this area.


The Lego software is simple to use for lower KS2 and KS1, but can be easily extended by task to stretch older junior children.

​The Lego WeDo software is a great introduction into programming for primary aged children thanks to its simplicity and links to the actual physical world via motors and sensors.

WeDo lays the perfect groundwork for progression onto the more challenging but far more powerful Scratch software. Although different in many ways, both Scratch and the Lego software complement each as their basic workings are very similar. ​

The Lego WeDo motors and sensors can be connected to and programmed using Scratch.

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