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Workshops FAQs

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How many children can take part in a workshop?

Up to 32 children working in pairs can participate.
More children can be accommodated but they will have to work in groups of 3.

How much space is needed?

A normal classroom is best as the children will work sat down at a table.

Do I need to provide any special equipment?

No.  Most classrooms have a large screen to demonstrate the Lego WeDo software. It does not need to be interactive so a television with an HDMI socket will do. If one is not available please let us know and we will bring one with us. All other equipment will be provided, including laptops/tablets.

Do you need plug sockets?

No. The children’s computers will be fully charged (Although your presenter will probably need one for their laptop).

Do I need to stay with the children during the workshop?

Not usually for group sizes under 20 (All presenters are experienced, qualified teachers and have enhanced DBS clearance). However a member of your staff must be available if needed. Older classes (Y4 up) are usually best learning independently so a member of staff may have time to complete other tasks in the classroom. Younger classes may need some help. Please check when booking.

Are the workshops differentiated?

Not usually, however if a child or pair is finding the activity difficult, your presenter may may suggest a different one for them.

The sessions are paced so that all the children can achieve the objectives, some children may need extra help or time while others will be more confident and will explore the software and engineering possibilities thus extending themselves and their knowledge. Your presenter will give the higher achievers challenges or ideas to follow to direct their learning.

How old do you have to be to take part?

We run workshops in schools mainly for Y1 to Y6. We have also provided workshops for Y7 and Y8 as well as older children and adults with learning difficulties. Parent and child workshops are very popular too.

Are there different workshops for different age groups?

Yes. All the workshops are aimed at a particular age range while some work very well with all ages.

What will the children do in a typical JuniorSTEM workshop?

Most workshops are split into 2 main parts: Learning the software and building a model.

We start with a quick introduction to STEM subjects. Then the group are set some basic learning targets and quickly taught how identify Lego parts. After setting a few workshop rules they are taught how to connect wirelessly to the Lego ‘Smarthub’ to the computer and some basic block programming commands. The students are encouraged to be creative while building their own designs onto the motor and learning more programming commands.

The second part involves using instructions to build a Lego model before programming it using the WeDo software. When complete, the students are encouraged to play with it and experiment with the programming. They are set programming challenges and asked to upgrade/decorate their basic model using more Lego pieces. It’s great fun!

Other workshop formats are available e.g. a drop in or shorter taster session.

How long do the workshops last?

Between 1 hour and a full day (roughly 5 hours) depending on your requirements and the activity/activities chosen.

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